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May 8, 2006, Herald Journal

Who are we to judge?


The Da Vinci Code has caused major controversy and has raised several questions about the Bible. I recently watched “ Unlocking Da Vinci’s Code” and Dan Brown, the author of the popular book that stated whether you believe the claims in the book or not, at least it has people talking about it.

It’s good to talk about religion. In the politically correct world we live in, we don’t want to offend anyone by speaking outwardly about religion or any other controversial issue.

The book has caused people to discuss topics openly.

It’s been said that even bad publicity is good publicity, and in this case Brown succeeded. This is what every author hopes to accomplish; having a reactive and diverse audience.

I love it when a book can make you examine several possibilities. Putting yourself into the story and thinking about what you would do in such a situation.

It’s so easy for an outsider looking in to criticize and condemn, but when suddenly put into survival mode, things drastically change.

Two people can discuss forever about what’s right and wrong without ever finding a consensus.

Homosexuality, abortion, suicide, and religion, are all among the debatable topics. We all have an opinion, but who’s right?

When the WWJD? (What would Jesus do) bracelets came out, I was apprehensive and judgmental of the “Jesus Freaks.”

Now, I’ve come to understand. We need to put ourselves in His shoes (sandals-lol) and ask ourselves, “What would He do?”

I guarantee he would not condemn or criticize, he would only console. The world is full of judgment in which we have no say. It’s not up to us to judge and condemn.

“Brokeback Mountain” was an excellent example of this. It’s not just a movie about homosexuality. It’s a movie about love and hatred, good and evil. Two people trying to live in a world full of hatred and condemnation.

Who are we to judge? After all, no one is perfect.

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