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June 12, 2006, Herald Journal

Our obsession with the stars


Why are people so obsessed with the lives of celebrities? I confess, I am one of them. Yes, I buy US Weekly to read about the lives of Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, but I’m not sure why I feel the need to do so.

I guess it’s an inner nosy-ness I have for their ever-changing lives. One week is never the same as the next for them.

It’s amazing what they do that becomes front cover news.

Celebrities going to a basketball game is even newsworthy, but why? Normal people go to basketball games all the time.

What isn’t normal, though, is having an MTV program about being “Newlyweds,” getting divorced three years later, and having your first baby in Africa.

Can you see why I’m so intrigued? They aren’t normal and that’s what’s so interesting about it.

You just never know what will be next.

Fashion always seems to be newsworthy as well. Who wore what on the red carpet and who shopped where.

This of course causes an upsale on those particular items and stores, but why?

Is it because we admire their lives and fortunes? Is it for pure entertainment, like watching a soap opera or reality TV?

Magazines like this can be tricky, though, just to get you to buy them while standing in line at the grocery store.

Buyers beware!

When reading these magazines, it is hard to distinguish what is truth. Don’t buy a magazine for its cover because the story inside is likely to not be as profound as it appears. Tabloids are tricky that way!

Also, be careful buying a weekly magazine because it’s likely things haven’t changed that much from what you read the week before.

Make sure they are fairly legit. Don’t go buying something with an alien on the cover.

I like to read things the celebrities read because that way you know they must be somewhat true if they are reading about themselves.

I’m currently reading a book about a woman who married a movie star and the life they have to live constantly being in the limelight.

It doesn’t sound pretty. I actually feel sorry for them, yet I continue to pay for the paparazzi to take those pictures and write those stories that disrupt their lives, just to make my life more entertaining.

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