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July 24, 2006, Herald Journal

Could this be World War III?


Could this be the beginning of World War III? According to Newt Gingrich, that is what it looks like especially now with the Lebanon/Israeli crisis.

With more than 200 civilian deaths, westerners are having trouble getting out of Lebanon. Americans trying to get out explained their troubles with the US’ slow response, hoping it would be better than Katrina.

As of Wednesday, Americans were still awaiting their departure for the US while citizens from other countries are safely home.

Why does it take America so much longer to get things done? Also, the people are asked to sign a promissory note, but the state department said they were dropping the plans to make the American citizens reimburse the US government for the trip.

Why is there money involved anyway? The US should do whatever it can to get its citizens out of a war stricken country.

Some may ask, “Is it our responsibility to do that?” Yes, it is. It’s the government’s job to serve and protect its citizens no matter where they are.

Yes, they did send the Orient Queen to a port in Lebanon, but with 25,000 Americans trying to get out of the country and a ship that only holds 900, it will take 28 more ships to get them out. At the rate it’s going, it could take a month, and by then who knows what the country will be like.

I’ve been watching the news closely with the Mideast crisis between Israel and the Hezbollah and it seems more damage is being done than good.

Israel’s target is the Hezbollah headquarters in Lebanon but instead more than 200 Lebanese civilians have died because of the attacks from Israel. The death toll is rising. It won’t take long before the US is involved.

It’s amazing what happens when you grow up. I’m reading the daily newspaper and staying on top of current events and I actually find it all very interesting, especially now with the Mideast crisis.

I watch CNN and Fox. I read the Star Tribune daily. Do I have gray hair? Am I getting old or just more inquisitive?

Before, I would get discouraged by all the information. I had the attitude, “What does this have anything to do with me?”

Now I understand how the rest of the world can have an impact on my life.

I remember 9/11. I was going to college in Winona and my roommate and I thought it was the beginning of the end of the world. We got our Bibles out and started reading the book of Revelations to see if any of the tell-tale signs were actually happening. Well, lucky enough that wasn’t the end of the world, but nevertheless it is on its way.

Is this war between Lebanon and Israel just another conflict or is it the beginning of something even bigger? I guess we will soon find out.

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