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July 31, 2006, Herald Journal

Who doesn’t love a good storm?


I used to love thunderstorms, I still do just as long as there is a basement and I’m not driving alone in my car.

I’ve never had a phobia, except for the normal childhood phobia of being afraid of the dark. Fortunately I got over that about the age of 16!

I had never been afraid of storms. I loved the movie Twister. Storms were so exciting and unpredictable. I always had the “It’ll never happen to me” idea...until it did.

I was watching TV at my parent’s house wasting time before I went over to my brother’s home for a Labor Day celebration last year.

My mom had been at work and my dad was already at my brother’s. The house got dark as night so I immediately called my sister-in-law to see if I could come over sooner than planned.

So, I got in the car and started driving the five miles or so to where my brother lives on Lake Jennie.

I was half way there when the rain began to come down horizontally because the wind was so strong.

Then, I looked up to the sky through my rain-coated (get it?) windshield with my wipers on full blast to see GREEN.

I had seen this green before when I was driving home with a friend from the cities. We ran three red lights so we could hurry to get to a shelter from the storm (get it?). I’m pretty sure there had been a tornado somewhere in Minnesota that day, though I just can’t remember.

So, with this green sky above me, I kicked ‘er down and drove as fast as I could. I got on the phone with my brother (like he could save me) and he told me to “just keep driving.”

Yeah, easy for him to say. He was sitting in his garage watching the storm with immediate access to shelter and I was alone in my car waiting to be sucked up in a tornado like those cows in the movie.

After driving a half mile, I noticed large branches on the road ahead. Well, to me, that was not a good sign.

So I saw a farm up ahead and quickly turned into their driveway. It didn’t look like there was anyone home, and it was raining so hard I wasn’t going to get out to check.

So I sat in my car, next to a barn, talking to my two brothers and dad on the phone.

I told my dad that I was next to a barn which was shielding me from the wind and rain. In return, he said, “Everybody knows tornadoes like barns.”

Luckily, I made it in one piece to my brother’s, just a little shaky from my experience.

I’m still pretty sure there was a tornado that day.

Now, when I’m driving and the skys aren’t looking so good, I get a little paranoid.

Hopefully, someday I’ll grow out of my phobia and enjoy a good storm.

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