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October 16, 2006, Herald Journal

Have we become overly sensitive?


With all the violence and sex crimes happening around the world, have we become a hypersensitive society?

The common phrase is, “you can never be too careful.” I have to disagree with this, because there is such a thing as paranoia – a psychosis marked by delusions and irrational suspicion.

Being too careful can make a person think there is something when there is actually nothing.

I have done this sometimes, when I get a thought in my head and it causes me to be suspicious and even scared. But, I know this just comes from the scary movies that I have seen in my younger days, when my mind wasn’t fully developed to handle such things.

Working in journalism has brought me to realize that everyone has different thought processes and assumptions toward different issues.

Some people possibly may find an issue over something that isn’t even there. It’s like those delusions I had spoken of earlier.

Some people may think there are ulterior motives to certain actions, when in actuality, they are only a fragment of reality.

At times, people will see things not for what they are, but for what they possibly could be. For example, on the front page of last week’s Enterprise Dispatch, there was a beautiful picture of the homecoming queen candidates in a circle.

There had been a complaint that the picture was too provocative to be published.

There wasn’t anything provocative about a picture of five young beautiful women in evening gowns.

What is provocative is not the picture of these young women, it is the minds that would think about it as such.

This submitted photo could actually be an award-winning photo, not only for the photographer, but for the girls as well.

Actresses in the ‘50s wore dresses more “provocative” than these. Why must we be so sensitive to such things? Can’t we take beauty for what it is, without thinking sexual or degrading thoughts toward women?

I guarantee a person can see much more walking out of their home than in that photo.