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November 27, 2006, Herald Journal

No tacos on Easter


One of the best parts of the holidays are the delectible and abundant meals that are the center of every gathering.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole for Thanksgiving and ham, cheesy potatoes and green bean casserole for Christmas. Then, of course, for dessert is pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and cheesecake for Christmas.

Not to mention the cheese dips and veggie platters that is served before each meal and the cookies and almond bark after.

Holidays are surrounded and centered on once-a-year comfort foods. But what happens when traditions change, and instead a ham on Thanksgiving and chicken on Christmas. It kind-of throws a person off a bit and tends to override history and tradition.

The pilgrims didn’t kill a domesticated pig and serve it with au gratin potatoes. No! They had several wild turkeys that were shot just that morning, defeathered and skewered over the fire. Pretty sure that took a heck of a lot more work than today’s Thanksgiving meals do.

Nowadays, cooking has become such a chore, which also makes holiday cooking that much more so.

Holidays aren’t supposed to be easy, they are supposed to be traditional and predictable. Otherwise, what sets the holiday apart from any other day of the year other than getting together with relatives you don’t necessarily like.

Holidays are supposed to be about cooks slaving in the kitchen to prepare the family a meal. If it wasn’t, why not just order Jimmy’s and bake a pan of boxed brownies for desert.

Cooking doesn’t have to be all that hard. Get up at 5 a.m. put the turkey or ham in the oven, go back to bed for three more hours, get up and prepare the rest. Ok, I’m sure it could never be that easy. It’s easier for me to say since I’ve only had to help in the kitchen not necessarily prepare a meal from start to finish.

If a person really wanted to shift the load, ask each guest to bring something. I told my mom I would bring the green bean casserole. Yes, it’s easy, but it’s one less thing she’ll have to worry about.

Just remember, the holidays only happen once a year. We have to make the most of them in order to keep the traditions alive otherwise the new tradition will be tacos on Easter.