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March 6, 2006, Herald Journal
Pastor's Column

Defending marriage

By Pastor Wally Glucklich, Elim Mission Church, Cokato

The state legislature returned to the Capital March 1. Some commentators have expressed their desire for them to get on with governing our state, and not be distracted by such insignificant issues like the marriage amendment.

For those who do not value marriage, perhaps it’s insignificant; but for most Minnesotans, it does matter.

Marriage between a man and woman is the foundation of every society.

Healthy procreation is the result of marriage.

Marriage provides the balanced gender environment to raise emotionally, healthy, children.

Marriage is the best institution that allows society to transfer its values to the next generation.

But today, this ancient concept of marriage between a man and woman, as expressed in every civilization and religion of the world, is under attack.

The beautiful God-given process of procreation of the human race has given way to sexual distortions. Any form of sexual practice has been construed as “love” and grounds for marriage.

God condemns these practices because they destroy life, instead of create it. If these distorted practices are permitted as expressions of marriage, civilization has lost all sense of what marriage is all about.

Therefore, why is the marriage amendment important to Minnesotans? Because it is under attack.

Like the attack of 9/11 forced our government to establish safeguards to preserve our nation, so those who believe in marriage between man and woman also have had to come to the defense of marriage.

The issue is not of “preventing,” but of “preserving.” Since government is tampering with the definition of the institution of marriage, so “we the people” must step forward to protect it.

This is not a sectarian issue, rather, it is one supported by the peoples of the world, and that includes Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and most other religions of the world.

As our Minnesota Legislature resumes, it must, once again, address the marriage amendment issue in order to protect Minnesotans from activist judges who want to impose upon us their ideological interpretation of the meaning of marriage.

Like Wisconsin, our legislature can give us, its citizens, the opportunity to determine the definition of marriage by giving us the right to vote on the amendment. Sixteen states have such an amendment and more are on the way. However, for Minnesota, there are a few persistent senators who want to deny us the vote.

As a people who recognize that marriage is only between a man and woman, with no substitutes or alternatives, we can take a stand together with millions in Minnesota for the protection and sanctity of marriage.

Let’s stand in the gap to protect the rights of the next generation to have a marriage that is based on biblical, historical, and religious foundations. Ask your senators to allow us to vote on this extremely important issue.

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