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May 15, 2006, Herald Journal
Pastor's Column

Little things mean a lot

Dr. Tom Rakow, Pastor, Grace Bible Church, Silver Lake

Little things are often overlooked, but little things can, and often do, make a big difference. Indeed, little things mean a lot.

For example, a little pill for high blood pressure can help prevent a major stroke, and in some cases, even death. On the other hand, a microscopic virus or tiny infection can bring down even the healthiest and heartiest human.

The postage stamp, although small in size, when placed on an envelope can cause a letter to be carried to a location literally thousands of miles away. However, without that little postage stamp, even the most important document won’t reach its intended destination.

These days, one thin dime may not purchase much. Even so, that same coin can serve as a valuable screwdriver in a pinch. Yes, sometimes a tiny little dime can do what a $100 bill can not.

We know that a giant redwood tree can be started from a single small seed. Nevertheless, one little wooden match can burn down a forest and bring an end to millions of trees.

Miniature fish hooks have caught big fish. I know a man who caught a state record trout in a western state. What did he catch this fine fish with? He caught this record breaker on a tiny fly!

Yet, even small fish can be used in an important way. A successful professional angler won an important fishing tournament and received a $50,000 cash prize. He later told me that none of his fish were really big, in fact, they were all kind of small. But, together, they averaged enough to make him the big winner. Little things can sometimes add up to big things.

In the New Testament, Jesus Christ fed thousands with a boy’s “five small barley loaves and two small fish” (John 6:9). Yes, the Lord can even use little things to accomplish much.

On another occasion, our Lord watched the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury. Nevertheless, Jesus chose to recognize the offering of a poor widow, rather than those of the rich. He told His disciples, regarding this impoverished widow who deposited her two small coins, “” . . . this poor widow has put in more than all the others” (Luke 21:3). Yes, sometimes little things also mean much to Jesus.

We are often impressed with big stuff, but we shouldn’t look down on what appears to be small or insignificant. When a man named Zerubbabel was involved in the rebuilding of the Jewish temple, some thought it was insignificant in comparison to the previous temple, which had been destroyed. However, the Lord asked, “Who despises the day of small things?” (Zechariah 4:10). You see, when the Lord is involved in something – even if it might seem to be a small thing – it can carry great significance.

Have you ever been encouraged by a kind word, helping hand, or a gentle pat on the back? Who hasn’t? Yes, we all know little things can mean much.

The fact is, with God’s help, we can all do something big – even if by the world’s standards, what we are doing seems rather small.

There is an old saying that states, “Big doors often swing on small hinges.” Look around. Are there some doors in need of hinges?

Are there some “small” things that the Lord wants you to do? Remember, little things can mean a lot – especially when the Lord of the universe is involved.

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