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August 21, 2006, Herald Journal
Pastor's Column

Written in stone

Rev. Lyndon Korhonen, Good Shepherd Free Lutheran

If you had the opportunity to write a message in stone for future generations to read, have you ever thought what you would write?

Some time ago, we were finishing the landscaping at our cabin and preparing to bring the skid-loader home, when I looked at our 5,000-pound boulder and thought about what we could write on that rock for future generations to read.

Now, the boulder was lying down with the flattest side on the ground. I wondered if the skid-loader had enough power to stand it on end.

I dug out a small pocket behind the boulder, and prepared some dirt to place around it. I hopped in the skid-loader and began lifting and pushing.

Much to our surprise, up it went. Now, there was a 3- x 4-foot face to write on. So, what words should we etch onto that boulder?

We could write our names there, but if we ever sell the place, that would not be too useful.

So we began brainstorming a few possibilities.

We could write the Ten Commandments, but Someone had already used that idea.

We could write a short Bible verse.

There could be a hunting or fishing scene, but, forget the pictures, because I am not an artist.

“God is our rock” could be effective.

But, the front runner was “Jesus is Lord.” It is short and to the point, it is true for all creation, it is a witness of our hearts’ desire, and it is a prayer for all who read it.

Scripture declares, Jesus is the “one name under heaven, given to men, by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

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