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September 18, 2006, Herald Journal
Pastor's Column

Our children are our future

Father Paul Wolf, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Winsted

The new school year has begun. We pray blessing upon it: for the students, teachers, staffs, and administrators.

As an administrator of a parochial school, I would encourage everyone – community members, family members, students, teachers, and all others – to make a recommitment to the total education of the children this year. I am sure that I am joined by all the neighboring administrators, faculties, and staffs in encouraging this recommitment.

All schools and their programs and staffs have many pluses. I do believe that all schools strive to educate their students as best as they can with the limited resources that all deal with.

I would ask communities and parents, in particular, to support the school of their choice with the most positive attitude and encouragement they can put forth. A rhetorical question simply asked, what better of a responsibility do we have, as adults, than to hand on a solid education and faith to our children?

Our responsibility begins at home, with a commitment to education and faith. I hope all of us understand that our children and students will go farther with a solid faith foundation and a good education.

Our academic programs will lead the children and students into a brighter world that is yet to be discovered. May we not shortchange them, or ourselves, by lessening our commitment and resolve to educate and guide them in faith and education.

Our children are our future in church, business, social work, professions, and yet undiscovered vistas.

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