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Jan. 30, 2006, Enterprise Dispatch
Pastor's Column

Seeing the unseen

By Douglas C. Pierce, Lake Jennie Evangelical Covenant Church, rural Dassel

Douglas C. Pierce

Lake Jennie Evangelical Covenant Church, rural Dassel

This winter I have been indulging a new interest. My home office overlooks our backyard, and this winter I have been filling the back yard with several types of bird feeders. It has been very exciting to sit and watch the finches and the sparrows, an occasional blue jay, and an abundance of cardinals. There have been times I have looked out there and seen five or six cardinals at a time, and it is a beautiful sight. The suet I have put out has also attracted quite a few woodpeckers, including downy and red breasted.

While it has been fun to watch the birds every day, my greatest thrill was one day when suddenly a huge bird flew past my window. I thought it was a hawk. But when I looked again, I saw it was a huge woodpecker with a red head. I grabbed my camera to snap a picture, and my bird guide to figure out what type it was. The answer as many of you have probably guessed is that it was a pileated woodpecker, and it must have been over a foot and a half long. It was one of the most amazing birds I have ever seen. In seeing it, I suddenly realized where the inspiration for Woody Woodpecker must have come from. Ever since that day I have been watching and hoping to see it again.

So, why am I telling you about my bird watching? Well first, because I want to thank God for the wonder of his creation and all the beautiful things he has created for us to enjoy but more importantly because I think the sighting of the birds reminds me a bit of our Christian faith. Ever since I saw that bird I have been watching for it again. I sometimes think I have seen it out the corner of my eye. I have had others tell me about their encounters, but I live for the moment when I can see it in all its glory.

In the same way, we as Christians know that God is with us and watching over us all the time. But sometimes it is hard to see Him at work. We catch glimpses out the corner of our eye or we hear someone else’s joy-filled encounter. But wonderfully, every once in a while, sometimes in a moment of joy and sometimes in a moment of sorrow, God breaks into our life, and it is amazing. It transcends everything, and it makes us see things in a whole new light.

My prayer for each of you is that God is making visits to your life and the glimpses of his glory will be frequent and wonderful.

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