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April 24, 2006, Enterprise Dispatch
Pastor's Column

It’s my turn now

By Pastor Ralph Erickson, Lamson Evangelical Free Church, Dassel

After a number of individuals from our community have been south to help our neighbors after hurricane Katrina, I finally got my turn. My turn came to put depth of dimension to the huge disaster from a storm of destruction.

When I was with the Red Cross for the Katrina and Rita relief, my responsibility kept me in Baton Rouge at National Headquarters. Here I didn’t get a first hand exposure to the lives and homes that were blown apart.

My turn came after four of us from our church hooked up with Compassion Ministries of the Evangelical Free Church for a week of reconstruction projects.

We can hear and talk to many who have been there but that is not like being there. We can see pictures and video of homes and people, but that is only as large as the screen. So when the four of us from Lamson worked with home owners and drove around various communities including New Orleans, we were now like many who can’t find the words. It was “My Turn” to try and I guess have concluded words are limited in comparison to being there.

“My Turn” also came a number of years ago when I made a decision to trust Jesus Christ as my Savior. I had heard all about Jesus, Easter, Christmas. But that information was no different than “My Turn” down south.

One cannot put words to the results of a personal, forgiven, cleansed, relationship with Jesus Christ.

There is a lot of open talk about Jesus, faith, and the church in our community that we can be thankful about. In all that openness if you and I think that we understand salvation with out the personalization of our heart, then we don’t really know the reality of the need.

Christ calls all to experience Him. He calls the Jew and the Gentile. He calls the Minnesotan and the Louisianan. It has been “My Turn” to see the results of an awsome event in the lives of people that many around here have never seen.

It has been “My Turn” to be reminded of the awsome event that took place in my heart when I received Jesus.

Lastly, My Turn to see it’s not about me, my church, my culture that reaches the lost; it’s God working in His Kingdom. Romans 10: 11-15

So it’s your turn! Your turn to see the needs and personalize them in which ever way you have the opportunity.

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