September 11, 2006, Enterprise Dispatch
Pastor's Column

The compassion buzz

Formerly Pastor Ralph Erickson, Lamson Free Churc, Dassel

It is hard to believe that it has been almost six months since the Lord started the process of calling and getting me to Covington, La.

Growth in my understanding about all that God is doing in southern Louisiana continues with each passing day. Stories of faith from the field come to us weekly.

One family came to our Wednesday night dinner hour with the teams and reported with “Praise & Glory” to the group how the team had helped, and even found the husband’s wedding ring.

There was tremendous excitement when one of the mothers from a work team settled her relationship with Christ. Before she left to go home, her daughter also became a Christian.

The other day, a lady came to the free store for food and left, going down the hallway, stopping at doorways, and sharing that she had prayed and received Jesus Christ as her Savior.

We heard testimony about the professional tree trimmer who gets thousands of dollars to drop trees and was therefore amazed at all the hard work and energy on the roof that was being done for free.

What am I doing for the next year?

The work requests have exceeded the 1,800 - number, and teams are still needed to help people put their homes back together. Gutting, rebuilding, counseling, and free store ministries will need teams for 2006 – 2007.

One of my responsibilities will be to scope the jobs, access what we will/can do to help, and then schedule/assign the various teams to do the work.

Saying that, let me challenge you to be part of a team to come and help our neighbors here in the south. I would love to tell you what to do. (Those of you who have been on other missions trips with me know how I love to do that.)

Please be in prayer:

· For this unique time of ministry in the south, while my family stays in Minnesota and Andrew completes his senior years at Dassel/Cokato.

· For Lamson Church, as they work through my quick exit and their pastoral changes.

· For my travels back and forth to Minnesota to Louisiana and the extra expense that will occur.

Pastor Ralph and Jill Erickson closed 18 years of ministry in May at Lamson Free Church, Dassel.

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