October 16, 2006, Enterprise Dispatch
Pastor's Column


Intern Pastor Vicki Toutges, All Saints Lutheran Church, Darwin

As I pondered what to write for my first time in the local paper, I started also to wonder what the title of this article should be.

Somehow I thought a title would help me to focus on one theme and not have all kinds of themes going on so as to confuse you. Also it would help me focus my thoughts and look a little more like I knew what I was doing.

After all, some of you know me and the rest of you who don’t know me, I want to give the impression that I am somewhat organized. I am the internship pastor at All Saints Lutheran Church in Darwin and want you to have a good first impression of me.

Then it came to me. Happy to have a title to help me focus but not sure this title would really work with the words of the Bible, with the message that God is trying to convey to us today. You see the title that came to me is “Git-R-Done.” “Git-R-Done,” I thought to myself. How can that be the message of my article? Now I’m sure many of you have heard of Larry, the cable guy.

For those of you who haven’t, he’s a comedian that portrays himself as a redneck type of person, not caring what he says or what he does as long as he gets to the point. As long as he “Git-R-Done” as far as the task at hand is concerned.

Well, as I thought about it, I thought in Jesus’ time, John the Baptist could have been Larry the cable guy. John the Baptist was radical at times, he didn’t seem to care how he dressed, just like Larry the cable guy. He didn’t seem to care what he said if he got the point across. You remember when he said, “You brood of vipers.” Now that might have offended a few people just like Larry the cable guy has offended many people in this day.

But a title of “Git-R-Done” will point to something else in a message for today’s world. Our call, as children of God, is to carry on Jesus‘ ministry. To teach, to heal, to eat and socialize with friends and sinners. In other words, “Git-R-Done.”

Today the message for us as baptized children of God is to do the same. God is telling us to “Git-R-Done.” We are to follow Jesus’ example, our light in the world.

We are to carry his light into the world. Now, the question is how do we do that? Well, one way would be to remember that we as children of God are his people.

As we gather in church on Sunday, we are his people. But more importantly, when we leave our places of worship and go out into the world, we are also his people.

We need to “Git-R-Done.” We need to be God’s people all week long, wherever we are, wherever we go, no matter who we are with. Whether at school, or at work, or with friends, or with someone we may not even know that needs our help. It is our job and privilege as children of God to be the light of Jesus in the world. To “Git-R-Done.”

Whether we are helping the victims of a natural disaster or volunteering in a nursing home, or teaching our neighbor, we must not grow faint. Maybe we are bringing the gospel to a co-worker or maybe we are telling a friend who is in our class in school.

Or maybe we are like Emma. Emma was a kindergartner. Emma rode the bus like so many of us have to school every day. One day she came home and was very upset with what she saw on the bus.

There were several 8th graders on that bus who decided to pick on another little boy that day. He wore thick glasses, and you know as well as I do, when you are in school, it doesn’t take much to make you the victim. Well, they taunted this boy and Emma was very upset. She ran in the door, threw her book bag down and crossed her arms. Then she proceeded to tell her mom about the awful event she had witnessed.

Well, her Mom happened to be the pastor of the church and furthermore those eighth graders were in her confirmation class. She assured Emma that she wouldn’t have to worry because she would be talking to them the very Wednesday about their behavior.

Here’s where the story takes a turn. Emma said, “You don’t have to do that Mom.” Her Mom said, “Why not?” And Emma said, “I already did.”

Well now her Mom was quite shocked. Little Emma was only five. The Mom said, “What did you say to the boys, Emma?” Emma said with satisfaction, “I told them; why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” Well, this must have been right because the boys quit picking on the smaller boy. You see, Emma was the church on that bus that day Emma did what she had to do as one of God’s children that day. Emma got it. She “Got-R-Done.”

Now I could go on and on about other ways to get involved in God’s mission in the world. But there are so many ways, aren’t there? We need to find our own way to be the light. We need to find our own way to act in this world as God’s people. We need to find our own way to “Git-R-Done”. Let us continue on in Jesus’ ministry.

Let us be lights of Jesus. Let us teach, heal, and befriend as God wants us to do. Let us witness for him and about him. Let us do this as members of the church worldwide. Let us carry the light and the message out into the world, and may we hear God say about us as he said about Jesus in Matthew 3:17, “This is my child, my beloved, with whom I am well pleased.”

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