November 20, 2006, Enterprise Dispatch
Pastor's Column

Amazing what passion can do

Pastor Lyndon Korhonen, Good Shepherd Free Lutheran, Cokato

In the past, I have made my yearly drive to northern Minnesota to hunt grouse. We (my dad, uncle, and I) hunt in the land of logging roads, beaver dams, and slashings, and things always change from year to year. This year, it was the beavers who, by building a new dam, flooded one of the main logging roads.

Fortunately, those who deer hunt this area had been there before us. They had made a new path around the flooded area to get their 4-wheelers through. When I walked on their path, I couldn’t believe the work they’d done in order to get to their deer stands. They followed an old swamp edge that had old windfalls, beaver falls, stumps, and a creek to cross.

They cut the stumps low to the ground, drove over logs, and even brought in treated lumber to build a bridge for their 4-wheelers. As I stumbled along their path, I wondered how much you would have had to pay someone to do that work.

Why did they go to all the work? I suspect it is their passion to hunt deer and get that “free meat in November.

Where does that passion to hunt come from? Many wives have asked that question. Is it inborn in some of us? Does it grow out of the camaraderie of deer camp from year to year?

And if we can develop such a passion for deer, can our passion for God’s work become so great that not stumps, or floods and difficult paths will deter us from accomplishing our part in God’s work? II Cor. 5:17 tells us that “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” When we repent of our sin and trust Christ’s finished work at the cross, He is the One who gives us new passions.

As we open His Word daily an are strenghthened by the comraderie fo fellowship, those passions can grow. As we live in that new relationship with Jesus, we find that He strengthens us to persevere through trials and testing that come our way.

So believer: keep teaching that class, witnessing to that co-worker, babysitting for that neighbor. Keep doing what God has given you to do, to hopefully affect souls for Him.

May nothing stop us from doing God’s work in this world until the day He calls us home.

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