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December 18, 2006, Herald Journal
Pastor's Column

Don’t miss Christmas

Pastor Lee Hallstrom, Light of Christ Lutheran Church, Delano

I heard recently about a boy named Chad. He had moved into a new neighborhood and a new school, and he was shy and quiet.

One day, Chad came home from school and said, “You know, Mom, Christmas is coming and I want to make a Christmas gift for every-one in my class. I want to make an ornament so each one can hang it on their tree.”

Well, Chad’s mom’s heart sank for a moment. She wished he wouldn’t do that because every afternoon, she would watch all the other kids coming home from school and they would be laughing and playing together. Everyone, that is, except her son, Chad. He always walked behind them, by himself.

She thought, however, she would go along with him. So, for three weeks, Chad painstakingly made homemade Christmas ornaments.

When the day came to deliver his gifts, he was so excited. This was his day! He put each carefully-wrapped, personalized ornament in a box and headed off for school.

Thinking that this would be a tough day for him, Chad’s mother had some cookies ready for him in anticipation of the pain that would accompany the fact that he didn’t get any presents.

Sure enough, at 3:30, there came the big gang of kids, all hanging onto each other with presents under their arms. Chad was walking behind them. His arms were absolutely empty. He didn’t even have one present.

As he came into the house, he was saying over and over, “Not a one. Not a one.”

Attempting to console him, Chad’s mother said, “Oh, honey, I have some warm cookies for you.”

She looked into her son’s eyes, however, and they were aglow! Chad said, “Not a one, Mom. I didn’t forget a one! I didn’t miss a single one. Now, they all know that I love them.”

The message of Christmas is this – God loves you! It was this love God has for you that prompted God to give that first Christmas gift. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son.”

Here is God, painstakingly wrapping a gift for every single one of us, and when God gets done, God says, “I didn’t miss a one, not a single one. Now they all know that I love them.”

Not a one, not a one, I didn’t miss a one! Welcome home for Christmas! Welcome to the heart of God!

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