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March 20, 2006, Herald Journal

Trying brings good works together


The story I am about to write comes from a fresh, new experience in my life. It’s a simple story – a true story – and a learning story.

Most importantly, this story has been created as a promised birthday gift, from me, to a special boy by the name of Ben, who will be 16 in March. We both have March birthdays, interesting to find.

Ben’s mother, Sherry, and I are also friends. I might add, inseparable friends.

Sherry has had the opportunity to read most of the stories that I have written and she encourages and commends me on how she has learned something differently from each of them and how each story has made an impact in her life. She also becomes very curious as to how each story is going to end.

That is why I am writing this story about her son and myself, because this story is true to life, teaches a lesson in life, and may have an impact in his life down the road. Having a background in advanced creative writing, I hope that my writing is of good interest and clearly written.

It also happens, many times, throughout each story that I write, that I have to pause, look up, and ask for guidance. Then, it all comes together in perfect harmony. This only teaches us that we all need help and guidance in our daily lives in anything that we do.

The purpose of this story is to bring a realization to Ben. Hopefully, in the future, this story will reflect an example and a reminder to himself, in other situations he encounters throughout his lifetime.

One day, Sherry, Ben, and I were together in a facility. At a distance, I saw a piano. I started to think about how a pianist’s hands move deftly across the keyboard, and the power of hands – so wonderfully fashioned by God.

The piano and I were staring at each other. I walked over very hesitantly and remembered that I could play a few songs when I was little. But, what did I remember about playing piano?

I slowly started playing, key-by-key, and then I looked up and asked Sherry and Ben, “Do either of you know how to play the accompanying part to this song?”

Ben froze in his tracks, and his eyes lit up. He slowly walked over by me and said, “ I think I know how to play the other part, it’s been a long time.”

I looked at him and softly said, “Ben, it’s been a long time for me, too. I just thought we’d try. Let’s just see what happens. No big deal, it’s for fun. Could we try together and see what happens?”

Ben was interested, but unsure of himself, like I was of myself.

I said to him, “OK, which part do you want, the top or bottom accompanying part?”

He thought he might remember the top part, and I thought I might remember the bottom part, so we agreed to try it together.

“Ben,” I said, “ I will count to three and then we’ll start playing together, but we will go real slow at first, as nothing is going to sound good or even in time with each other.”

We started playing and nothing sounded good at all. We were off task, and I stopped.

I looked at Ben, chuckled, and said, “That didn’t sound very good, did it? Just remember that we’re going to start and stop many times and then, finally, it will all come together, trust me. We have to try and try and try, be determined, persistent, and it will all come together. Trust me.”

Ben nodded his head with an assured look and smiled at me. Over and over we played, and every time, it began to sound better and better.

Ben was amazed by what we were doing. I peaked over and Sherry was even smiling. All this “stop and start and try, try, try,” and finally, it all came together.

Ben and I were laughing really hard – look what we did together by just trying! We didn’t give up and we didn’t give in, we just got better as time went on. We learned to work together in perfect harmony.

Sometimes, we think that just because we haven’t done something in a long time, the skill is lost and not to be recovered. But, if we take the time to slowly start out, anything we do in life can be mastered – with determination, persistence, and patience.

There are many things a person can restore by just trying, believing, and trusting in what you’re doing. Pause, look up, and you will find what you thought to be lost or impossible to do, can again be brought to light and restored to full beauty in the sight of God and others.

Happy 16th birthday Ben!

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