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June 26, 2006, Herald Journal

Walk in the light of His love


Early in the morning, when it was still dark, Jimmy and his dad would go fishing. Jimmy’s dad would carry a flashlight so they could see the path.

As long as Jimmy stayed by his father, in the light, he was alright. But often, he impatiently ran ahead into the dark.

During those times, Jimmy would trip, fall, or get lost until his dad would find him. Jimmy learned that he was safest walking in the light, holding his father’s hand.

Jimmy’s experience offers several lessons. Sometimes, we get too busy to spend time in prayer, we let go of our Heavenly Father’s hand and run into darkness. We fall, hurt ourselves, and get lost. We tremble in the darkness until he comes looking for us.

The Heavenly Father always finds us and the light of Christ always calms us.

Through Jesus, the darkness of our sin is replaced with the light of forgiveness and grace. He is patient with us, in spite of our sinful straying. He brings us to confess our sins and to receive His forgiveness.

Then He comforts us and takes our hand in His, so that we may walk gladly in the light of His great love.

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