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July 10, 2006, Herald Journal

Holding on tight to belief in God


Since the beginning of time, there have been many arguments as to why people believe what they believe.

Some have died or were killed because of their beliefs. The truth is they fought because of their need to make sense of their existence, and to give a purpose to it.

We all need to believe in something in order to make sense of our existence. We need to know that our existence is not the result of some kind of accident or coincidence, but that there is a logical explanation as to why we are here on earth.

The fact that people believe in something gives them a sense of security, a sense of belonging. A good example of people’s sense of security is when they believe in God.

God, no matter how you refer to Him in your religion, does marvelous things in people’s lives. If He did not exist already, we would have to invent Him. Some of us can even witness the change we have seen in friends and family because of God’s way, not our way.

We hold onto God tightly because we do not want to give up the idea of being under His protection. For those of you who believe in God, can you imagine how frightening and empty your life would be without the thought of Him?

Although I have never seen God, I would not trade my belief in Him for any scientific explanation in the world. I need Him in my life.

We all need Him in times of trouble, in times of health issues, in times when we just want to commune with Him in the silence of an empty chapel with a lighted candle. We need His comfort, we need His healing, and most important, we need Him beside us every step of the day, to guide us.

For those of you who are book readers, you will also find out in your lifetime, that the Bible is the most inspiring book you’ll ever read or have your hands on. It contains everything one needs to know in order to live a well-balanced life. It has all the rules of life.

Sometimes, we may even question, “What does God want from me? What does God expect from me? Where does God want me? Where are you?” Instead of questioning His presence, just affirm that He is beside us at all times when we praise Him and when we cry out for help.

We all need God in our lives, for He is our anchor throughout life. When I admire the beauty of all creation, I cannot imagine our being here as the result of an accident. To me, there is a creator, and that creator is God.

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