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July 24, 2006, Herald Journal

Trust won again


One of the greatest assets we can give to another business is to speak well of them and share their growth.

In today’s world, one of the most important factors to business is insurance.

We can’t escape disaster, unknown tragedy, or acts of God. They happen when we least expect them to.

Then what do we do? Who financially is there to aid our needs, help us rebuild, and comfort our loss? Our journey in life is not written before anyone of us.

We do not know from day to day, what or will happen.

We live in a world of “hoping” that nothing will occur.

We live in “wonder.” When the whirlwind of disaster strikes, we are left in awe and trembling within, with what has happened.

Following our marriage, many years ago, my husband and I went out into a big world, not knowing what insurance to purchase or even knowing whom to trust.

The word, “TRUST” is huge in our household, when it comes to insurance.

An example of this that I can think of is being with State Farm Insurance Company in Cokato, which we have for many years.

They have not left us stranded or confused at any given point.

The agent, at that time was Roger Roepke, from Cokato.

As our family started to grow so, did the plan. After time, we had more possessions. The plan got bigger.

Yes, over the years tragedy stuck us in many different ways that could be ever imagined possible.

Like most of us, we were in absolute shock and disorder.

We then turned to State Farm, our insurance company and got comfort, understanding, good communication skills, and good results.

In time, the plan got bigger yet.

Now, the children were becoming a part of the plan.

“Trust,” won again! Down the road on our journey, the retirement of our agent Roger Roepke was announced.

We then thought, “How is there ever going to be another person like him or that will do his job to our satisfaction?”

Now, we had to start all over.

We had to rebuild.

But Roger introduced us to a respectful and knowledgeable staff, Tim D. and LuAnn W.

He was so on top of things.

We started getting letters from the new agent, Peter Bortnem.

They all sounded good but, where was, “trust?” We did not know what to think.

We then got a call personally from Peter.

“I want to meet with both of you.” He called us!

“OK.” I can give you a chance, were my thoughts.

We went to meet with him.

Peter did not first discuss our plan or financial figures with us, but got to know us first, spending time with us.

Peter even stated, “I want to know you so you can “trust,” me.

We need to “trust” each other and work together on your plan for your future.” Our first meeting was only to gain each others,’ trust. That was it.

No sales talk, no financial figures.

No suggestions to our insurance plan. Peter just wanted us to individually,

“Trust,” him and for him to “Trust,” us as a patron.

As time has gone on, our plan has again, grown, “Trust” has won.

Agent Peter Bortnem, along with Tim and LuAnn, are on top of every question and their friendliness is of excellence!

Just recently, we upgraded on a vehicle.

Together, we have all the elements of a workable and knowledgeable plan for a content future ahead of us.

We, together, have the magical word placed in front of us and put it into practice.

We, have, “TRUST!” Trust won again!

If anyone, in any type of business, can serve each other, on the basis of the elements listed above, it will bring you joy because of that little word “trust.”

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