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September 11, 2006, Herald Journal

Grandparents help us discover


The single most important thing I have learned from being a grandparent is that love is the meaning and purpose of life. To love and be loved is why we are here. I believe that being a grandparent is God’s way of saying “thank you” for having been a parent.

What a beautiful way to begin.

Children thrive in an environment where they are nurtured, cared for, and loved. They learn about the world around them when those close to them join in their play and exploration.

Grandparents often have the opportunity to spend a little more “relaxed” time with young children–something a child treasures. Special times together not only benefit the child, but the grandparent, as well.

Grandparents help us discover our roots, whether a different language or a favorite family recipe, children discover their background and understand themselves better through the things their grandparents share, and grandparents often discover how creative grandchildren can be.

What a wonderful contribution our grandmothers and grandfathers can make if they will share some of their testimonies with their children and grandchildren.

While being a grandparent, never let another person take your joy away in life, for it’s your memories that are close to your heart, and God’s richest blessings, that are treasured forever.

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