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March 6, 2006, Herald Journal

Gay marriage to be hot topic

Proponents of gay marriage will be picking up the pace of their advocacy soon. The Minnesota Legislature resumed this month and gay marriage is expected to be a hot topic.

Here are some things we will probably hear in the next few weeks.

We will hear that the average Minnesotan doesn’t want an amendment to the constitution that will legitimize discrimination of gays because discrimination is not a “Minnesota value.” Even though the gay marriage proponents claim to trust Minnesotans on this issue, they are fighting tooth and nail to keep people from voting on it.

This seems contradictory to me. If gay marriage proponents are sure about what Minnesotans want, why would they be afraid of a vote?

We will hear that gay marriage is about love and commitment and why would anyone be against love and commitment between two people?

People who are gay already have the right to love their partners and commit their lives to each other. They don’t need a piece of paper from the government giving them a right they already have.

If they want to buy health care for their partners, they can now. If they want to give their money to their partners after they die, they can. They can go to a lawyer and have a will drawn up making their partners their beneficiaries. Gays do not need a marriage license to spend money on their partners.

We also will hear that gays want marriage to last a lifetime in the same way heterosexuals want marriage to last a lifetime. I don’t think this is true. The majority of homosexuals are male. I believe the majority of male gays don’t want a lifetime commitment.

My prediction? If gay marriage is ever legalized, the majority of weddings will be between lesbians, not men.

The funniest argument I’ve heard against the Defense of Marriage Amendment is that it will hurt the state’s economy. Creative people, who make up most entrepreneurs, will refuse to move to an intolerant state. The business climate and job creation will deteriorate without these creative people, the gay marriage advocates said.

Most of the arguments against the Defense of Marriage Amendment sound to me like a stall. If gay advocates can stall long enough, the Minnesota Supreme Court will declare gay marriages legal and nothing the rest of us can do or say will matter.

Once the court makes gay marriage legal gays think they will get what they really want. That is, society’s approval of their behavior.

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