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April 17, 2006, Herald Journal

Watch ‘Chronicles of Narnia’


I watched “Chronicles of Narnia” recently. This movie of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” is excellent for the entire family. Not only is it an exact parallel to the Gospel account of Jesus’s life, death and resurrection, but its special effects are outstanding. It’s a good yarn for non-Christians too.

The animals and mythological creatures look real. C.S. Lewis has said he never wanted his book, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” portrayed in a movie or theatre because the actors and actresses would need to wear animal suits and spoil the whole look.

Now that Walt Disney Productions has used computer animation, Lewis would have been pleased at how this movie turned out. Where the human at the top of the Centaur’s horse body begins and ends is perfectly seamless.

The beavers who helped the children escape from the witch also are so real and personable, my husband said he felt guilty about shooting beavers up at the lake, when they were chewing down our trees there.

I’m confident that most people in the Dassel Cokato area already know their Bibles well, so I’m not worried about wrecking the ending of the movie for them.

However, the movie producers inadvertently told a truth about the nature of evil.

The witch and her evil minions are cavorting around the helpless, beaten, bound and humiliated lion in the scene analogous to Jesus’ crucifixion. The witch misunderstands the magnitude of the lion’s power.

She leans over the lion, Aslan, whom she believes is completely in her control, and in a low voice, she sneers that as soon as he is dead, she is going to kill all four children anyway. Aslan’s sacrifice for the younger boy, Edmund, is for nothing because she always intended to kill all the children.

The next time the purveyors of evil threaten to kill us keep this in mind: They are threatening to kill us, not because they really mean for us to give up our freedoms and rights. They are threatening to kill us because they want us dead.

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