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May 8, 2006, Herald Journal

Clinton proposed marriage act


State Sen. Michele Bachmann, R-Stillwater, was one of the candidates being considered for Republican endorsement for Congress in the 6th district Saturday, May 6. As of this writing, I don’t know whether she was endorsed, but I hope so.

Bachmann is best known for her efforts to allow citizens of Minnesota to vote on whether the Constitution should be amended to define marriage as one man, one woman. However, the Defense of Marriage Act, was first proposed by President Bill Clinton in 1996, according to The Wind Beneath the Right Wing blog April 27.

Are you surprised? I was. The Defense of Marriage Act also was passed with the support of both Minnesota senators, Rod Grams and Paul Wellstone. It’s even more surprising that liberal Wellstone supported the marriage act.

The marriage act also allowed for states to deny the status of marriage or any similar legal relationship status to couples of the same-sex that was recognized in another state.

Bachmann has been demonized over an issue that was supported by heros of the most extreme left side of the political spectrum, as well as those in the center and the right. Why have leftists changed their minds?

The blogger wrote about Bachmann because he too wanted her to be the candidate endorsed by the 6th district Republicans.

Another surprise was finding out that Bachmann’s political rise had nothing to do with gay marriage, he said.

Bachmann was a well-known opponent of the Profile of Learning. She was recruited to challenge then State Senator Gary Laidig for the Republican endorsement. He supported the Profile of Learning.

Bachmann beat him for the endorsement, beat him in the primary and won the general election, he said.

“She is willing to take the lead in advocating for any issue that she supports. This is an ideal trait for a member of Congress,” he said.

If she doesn’t get endorsed, I hope she resumes her fight for voters in Minnesota. We also need legislators in St. Paul who are fearless, strong and resolute.

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