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August 7, 2006, Herald Journal

Israel must prevail in conflict


Israel is being pressured from all sides to declare a cease fire in the conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon, even though it didn’t start the war, and doesn’t target civilians.

In case we forget who are the real “bad guys” in the conflict, here is a list of major Hezbollah acts of terrorism and violence as of July 19, according to columnist Michelle Malkin:

• Bombing of Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia killing 19 US servicemen in 1996.

• Bombing of Jewish community center in Buenos Aires killing 96 in 1994.

• Abduction, torture and death of CIA station chief in Lebanon in 1992.

• Hijacking of TWA Flight 847 killing a US Navy diver in 1985.

• Bombing outside US embassy annex in Beirut killing 24 in 1984.

• Car bombing of US Marine barracks in Beirut killing 241 US servicemen in 1983.

• Car bombing of US embassy in Beirut killing 63 people, including 17 Americans in 1983.

• Car bombing of French military barracks in Beirut killing 58 French paratroopers in 1983.

Notice, this list includes only the major acts. It doesn’t include those incidents in which Hezbollah lobbed a bomb into a restaurant or shopping mall in Israel, and only a handful of people were maimed or killed.

I took a class several years ago about teaching morality to young children. I learned that children in kindergarten and first grade often believe accidentally spilling a pitcher of water is worse than deliberately spilling a glass of water, because the pitcher is larger than the glass.

As children mature, though, they take intent into consideration when weighing moral issues.

Hezbollah not only targets Israeli civilians, it also uses Lebanese civilians and United Nations representatives as shields. No matter how carefully Israel aims its precision-guided weapons, at least some civilians are sure to get hurt or killed.

Yes, Israel is “bigger” than Hezbollah, but that doesn’t make it more wrong. Hezbollah’s actions show its intent is to spread death and terror around the globe.

It’s time for those who still cling to cockeyed ideas of morality to grow up.

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