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August 21, 2006, Herald Journal

Annoying, but legal, behaviors


A couple of weeks ago two men from Dassel got into it at the city council meeting about whether one of the men could park his car in front of the other’s house.

It’s not illegal, though, to park on a public street, so no one did anything about it.

My parents also had a neighbor who was annoying, but didn’t do anything illegal. The City of Miami, where we lived at the time, had brush pick up once a month. My dad waited until right before pick up to trim the hedges, bushes and trees. The neighbor, on the other hand, trimmed his yard as soon as the brush pile was collected.

That meant my parents had to look at his old brush pile next to the curb for an entire month. My parents could not convince the neighbor that his brush pile looked terrible.

They finally decided to plant beautiful flowering bushes along their curb. The bushes blocked the ugly view across the street. Problem solved.

We have a problem up at the lake, though, that involves sound, not sight. Our neighbor has a personal water craft. It’s not illegal, but it is annoying.

He drives it around in circles and figure eights. Every time he goes over his wake, it lofts the craft into the air a little bit. I’m sure it’s fun to ride, but the constant buzzing noise is grating.

Granted, manufacturers are making personal water crafts less noisy than they were a few years ago. Also, I can’t detect any environmental damage from it, other than that it burns up fuel for no practical purpose.

In addition, he doesn’t drive it around at dusk when fishing is best either. We don’t really have any grounds for complaint other than being annoyed by it.

My husband’s aunt is still trying to stop it, though. She goes down to the end of her dock and shakes her fist at him when he goes by.

She also approached the driver’s mother and demanded to know “Who is that crazy man?” although she knew perfectly well who it is.

She is hoping the mother will tell her son the neighbors don’t like his driving the personal water craft and to knock it off.

I don’t think that will work, though.

Here’s my plan. He doesn’t have unlimited money for fuel. I’m counting on the high cost of gasoline to work its magic.

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