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September 4, 2006, Herald Journal

Phony Republicans claim to switch


A curious election year phenomenon is happening again.

People are coming forward who claim to be life long Republicans.This year, by gosh, they’ve changed their minds. They will vote Democrat now.

Whatever the reformed Republicans’ views are about issues near and dear to Democrats’ hearts, they’re somehow more persuasive, more true, more accurate than the viewpoints of life long Democrats.

No one can check whether these people really voted Republican before, because how we vote is secret. Chances are, though, most of these people claiming to be reformed Republicans voted Democratic the majority of the time.

Case in point:

A columnist from the Star Tribune, Nick Coleman, wrote Aug. 22 that he had found a life long Republican in Wayzata who decided to change to Democrat this year. He had talked to her the day President Bush came to Wayzata for a fund raiser for Michele Bachmann. Bachmann is the Republican candidate for US Congressional District 6, which is being vacated by Mark Kennedy, also a Republican. Kennedy is running for US Senate.

The columnist claimed to be surprised that someone from Wayzata wasn’t a Republican. He was clearly impressed with how her views on global warming aligned with the Democrats’ views, her “choice” position on abortion, and her distaste for Bush.

However, only 54 percent of Wayzata voters chose Bush in 2004, so there have to be at least some Democrats there.

Also, the house she lived in turned out to be in Orono, although the ZIP code was for Wayzata. Orono might not have as many Republican voters as Wayzata has.

Many of the readers of the Star Tribune are skeptical of what this columnist writes, so they checked the background of the woman who claimed to be a life long Republican.

They found she was a board member of Planned Parenthood of Minnesota. She wasn’t just a member of the organization. She was a board member.

It is extremely unlikely this woman was ever Republican. If she was, it is equally unlikely Planned Parenthood would have allowed her to become a member of its board.

Her “reformed” views don’t impress Republicans so who is supposed to be impressed? Democrats?

I would think that regular Democrats would be offended the so-called reformed Republicans believe they have a higher status in the Democratic Party than they do. The regular Democrats don’t complain about them, though, so I guess not.