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September 25, 2006, Herald Journal

Watch out for euphemisms


Liberal euphemisms are flying thick and fast like mosquitoes on a hot summer night this election season.

The biggest, most obvious euphemism is how liberals refer to raising taxes. Liberals don’t raise taxes, they increase “funding.” The only time they use the “t” word is when they refer to raising taxes on poor people. Then they call it what it is, because they know we don’t want the poor to suffer a tax increase.

Taxes are paid by the ultra-rich, they say. The government provides “funding.”

“Funding” sounds as if it comes from a different source than taxpayers. All the money the government has, though, comes from taxpayers. There is no other source.

The second most irritating euphemism is “multicultural diversity.” This term sounds as if it includes people from all cultures, but it doesn’t. It refers to skin color only. Religious people and people from a culture liberals consider “conservative” are not included, unless the people are Muslim.

Liberals have so many euphemisms for unborn children, there isn’t enough space in this column to list them all. It’s safe to say, though, that liberals don’t call them “children.”

“The right to affordable health care” is a euphemism for “health care entitlement.” This entitlement will be “funded” by taxes paid by rich people, we are told. If health care ever becomes an entitlement like public school education is, it will be the biggest government program in the history of the universe. Naturally, liberals want to run it.

The all-time scariest euphemism liberals use is “quality of life.” This term is used when thinking about what to do with disabled and elderly people and whether they should live or die. The “quality of life” factor is measured by someone other than the disabled or elderly person being considered. The person doing the measuring might be a doctor, lawyer, a scientist in a laboratory, a person who might benefit financially from the death of the individual, or have another conflict of interest.

It’s too bad there isn’t some kind of euphemism repellent we could spray on to protect ourselves for the next month and a half, but there isn’t. We must stay alert.