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December 4, 2006, Herald Journal

Let’s stick with all volunteers


Remember how in 2004, Democrats were claiming President George Bush had a secret plan to reinstate the draft if he was re-elected? This was supposed to scare young people or parents with draft-age children from voting Republican.

MTV said Oct. 28, 2004, a poll showed 51 percent of young people believed Bush would reinstate the draft, according to columnist Michelle Malkin Nov. 20.

Sen. Max Cleland, D-Ga., and Sen. Howard Dean, D-Vt., made the same prediction Sept. 17, 2004. They told students at Colorado College, Colorado Springs, and Brown University in Providence, R.I., that Bush would draft them and ship them to Iraq.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., when asked a question about the draft Sept. 22, 2004, also pretended he thought there was a real possibility Bush would reinstate the draft.

Bogus draft emails spread across college campuses. Both CBS and NBC ran bits in which they interviewed people alarmed about the reinstatement of the draft, Malkin pointed out.

Did Bush or any Republicans step forward to start up the draft? No. The US House of Representatives held a vote on it Oct. 6, 2004, to show there was no support for it. The draft was overwhelmingly defeated 402-2.

“There will be no draft,” Bush said. “The all-volunteer army will remain an all-volunteer army.”

Flash forward to 2006. Guess who wants the draft reinstated? Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., does. I don’t hear MTV, Cleland, Dean, Kerry, CBS or NBC complaining about it now.

Rangel isn’t trying to create a larger pool of soldiers, though. He believes if the adult children of rich and middle class people can be drafted, those parents will use their money and influence to prevent the United States from using its military, and putting their adult children in harm’s way.

First, I don’t believe for a moment there are enough selfish people in this country to prevent the military from defending us. Rich and middle class people are as patriotic as poor people are, and wouldn’t try to hamstring our country that way.

Second, drafting people who don’t want to serve puts all of the other soldiers they serve with in combat at risk.

Ignore the Democrats’ call for a draft. It’s a ploy that’s not going to work.