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September 25, 2006

Fellow HJ sports guys are way off base this week

By Aaron Schultz

As I sat down Friday morning and tried to decide what to write my column on this week, I wavered back and forth on Gopher hockey, or fantasy football.

I just sat there wasting time trying to decide, so to clear my head, I figured I’d read my fellow sports writers’ columns.

After reading each of them, I just couldn’t get over how off base each of them were, and presto, I had my column.

Of course, most of you know Matt Kane, who has had columns running in this sports section for several months now.

Well, Matt moved from the Enterprise Dispatch last month to become the sports editor at the Delano Herald Journal.

With Matt’s move, the sports writer job at the Enterprise Dispatch opened up, and in came Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted graduate Jesse Menden.

Jesse is a graduate of University of Minnesota, and you will see his columns run in this sports section from time to time.

Well, with Jesse being a newbie, I’ll start with my disagreement with his column, which if you haven’t read it yet (it is right above this column), talks about how the

Twin’s Johan Santana should win the American League’s MVP.

While he makes some good arguments, I disagree with his opinion.

Sure, Santana is having a great season, and the Twins surely wouldn’t be where they are now without him, but he isn’t even the MVP on his own team.

That honor would go to Justin Morneau. Besides, pitchers shouldn’t win the MVP, that is what the Cy Young is for.

Okay, I know pitchers have won it in the past, and Santana is one of the best in baseball, but that is just how I see it.

Oh yeah, and an MVP would’ve pitched better in his last two starts.

Alright, now, moving on to Matt’s issues with Bob Stoops and the rest of the Oklahoma Sooner football nation’s complaints over the officiating in their loss to Oregon.

If you haven’t heard or seen the replays, the officials blew two calls that cost Oklahoma late in the game, and allowed the Ducks to come back and win the game.
Matt feels that the calls were probably wrong, but, in a nutshell, Oklahoma, Bob Stoops, and everybody else needs to get over it.

Now, those of you who have read my columns over the years know my feelings on officials, and those feelings haven’t changed, much.

I nearly went into meltdown mode watching those calls in the game, and I could care less who won. So, just imagine my feelings if those calls would have gone against the Gophers.

With that being said, I don’t think the Oklahoma fans, coaches, or anybody else is overreacting (except maybe the ones that are calling in death threats).

In college football you just have 12 or 13 games a year, and to have one taken away by terrible officiating is a crime. Oklahoma nation has every right to be upset.

So, Matt and Jesse, while you may have valid opinions, they are no doubt, wrong ones.