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December 11, 2006

It is time for Jackson to take over

By Aaron Schultz

Welcome to the National Football League Tarvaris Jackson, your time has come.

Unfortunately for all Viking fans (myself included), head coach Brad Childress, and Jackson himself, don’t see it that way.

After the debacle at Chicago, a game the Vikings should have won, and probably would have if not for the poor play of Brad Johnson, it is time for the Vikings to make a change.

Johnson was terrible, and looks to be more than just a little past his prime.

But, let’s take it a step further. Johnson is more than just past his prime – he is past even being a serviceable quarterback in the NFL.

I am not blind to the lack of offensive talent Johnson has to work with at receiver and tight end, but what’s done is done.

We all see the lack of talent, and a quarterback needs to find ways to, if not win games for his team, at least not lose games.

And all Johnson has done lately is find ways to lose games for the Vikings.

Now, throwing a rookie quarterback into the fire is not ideal, but when there are no other options, then it needs to be done.

Sure, Jackson, no doubt, would make a number of mistakes, but would it be any worse than Johnson’s mistakes? Probably not.

Besides, Jackson can move around a little bit, compared to Johnson’s inability to move around any quicker than I could. And we all know how slow I am.

Another factor would be Jackson’s arm strength, which would allow the Vikings to throw downfield more, and stretch the defense.

Although, that part of the equation is probably mute since anybody on the Vikings’ roster that could get downfield can’t catch a cold, much less a pass.

Last offseason, I was a big proponent to getting rid of Daunte Culpepper and having Johnson as the starting quarterback.

The Vikings made the right decision that time, and now, I hope they make another right decision – get Jackson in there.

The season is lost, we all know that.

At least with Jackson in as the starting quarterback, there would be some excitement, or at least reason to pay attention to these final four games.

A couple of added bonuses include the Vikings probably losing the majority of those games, thus getting a better draft position.

Also, by getting Jackson in, he will have gotten those first-time starter nerves out of his system and will be ready for the 2007 season.

It is time Childress, send Johnson out to the pasture, and bring in some new blood.

We all need it.