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December 18, 2006

Please McHale, get A.I.

By Aaron Schultz

(Insert player’s name here) passes to Garnett in the post, who gets doubled teamed and immediately passes it out to Iverson, who sinks a wide open 3-pointer as time runs out, giving the Timberwolves a 102-101 win and an NBA championship.

Yeah, a little far-fetched, I know, but wouldn’t that be sweet?

So, please, Kevin McHale (T-Wolves President) get A.I. (Allen Iverson).

If you have been paying attention at all, you already know that the Philadelphia 76ers have decided to trade former league MVP, and perennial All-Star, Allen Iverson.

Iverson hasn’t played since they reached that decision, and hasn’t even been with the team.

Immediately, when I heard the news last weekend, I was pumped, knowing that there would be talk of the Wolves getting in the mix to get him.

Since then, over the past week, the rumor mill has been going strong, with talk of Iverson ending up anywhere from Boston to Minnesota to Golden State, to a number of other places in between.

Then, in the past few days, the teams that seem to be in the most interested are the Wolves, the Clippers, and Boston.

There are nearly two months before the NBA trade deadline, but all indications are that the 76ers want to make a move sooner rather than later.

With all of that said, the chances of the Wolves landing him are doubtful, for a number of reasons.

First, and by far the most important reason the Wolves won’t get Iverson is that I want it to happen, way too bad.

I haven’t watched an entire T-puppy game since the second year of the Sprewell and Cassell show, and that hasn’t changed, so far, this year.

Opening night I did catch nearly the entire first quarter, and parts of the second half, but not a minute more since then.

Should the Wolves trade for Iverson, I would immediately become very interested in them again.

I have been considering going to a game this year, and should they land Iverson, I would definitely be going to one.

The second reason the Wolves won’t land Iverson is that they just don’t have anything the 76ers really want.

Yes, I know that rookie Randy Foye really interests them, but after that, what is there.

Sure Mike James and Ricky Davis are nice players, but I just don’t see the 76ers giving up a future hall of famers for pretty much nothing more than a rookie that looks like he’ll be pretty good, and a group of so-so ballplayers.

The third reason the Wolves won’t get Iverson is because McHale, in all his wisdom, traded away two first round picks over the past two years, which means they don’t have them to ship to Philly for A.I.

Of course, the longer the 76ers go without trading him, the better the chances the Wolves have of landing him; first round picks, or not.

Getting Iverson would immediately crank things up at the Target Center, where there attendance had been ranking near the bottom of the league this season.

Sure, I would be blind not to see Iverson’s baggage such as not wanting to practice, but on the court, he gives it his all, and is very good.

Currently, Iverson leads the NBA in scoring, and throw him on a team with the most unselfish player in the league in Kevin Garnett, and you just might have something.

So, please McHale, give us wannabe Wolves’ fans something to get excited about and get Iverson.