Dec. 25 , 2006

A2B Pack & Ship provides choices for local consumers

By Cullen Schultz
Staff Writer

If you are in need to ship a package, sell something on eBay, or simply want to pick up some crafts, A2B Pack and Ship in Delano might be the place for you.

Owner Jim Kowalski and his wife, Tamra, live in Independence with their two children, Otto 7, and Calvin, 6, who both attend Delano Elementary School. The couple opened A2B this past June, making an easy transition into Delano.

“It was slick, it came together very easily,” Tamra said.

The decision to open A2B came when Jim, who has 30 years experience in the field, realized there wasn’t anywhere in the area to find the right size boxes that were strong and inexpensive to use for shipping.

People from Delano were traveling as far as Buffalo and Wayzata to do their UPS.

“There was nothing in this area,” Tamra said.

A2B Pack and Ship offers a variety of choices for Delano consumers.

First, it provides shipping with UPS services and helps with parcel posts. A2B also has a variety of packing supplies in its warehouse, such as boxes, bubble wrap, and tape for purchase.

The Kowalskis are big into recycling, and it shows in their selection of boxes they use for shipping. The boxes are made from 99 percent recycled cardboard.

A2B also reuses boxes that are still in good condition, which allows A2B to keep cost down and the prices lower for the consumer.

“We like to avoid all the energy wasted on recycling perfectly good boxes, so we simply reuse them when they are still clean and strong,” Jim said.

A2B also provides an eBay auctioning service for consumers who are interested in selling something online.

eBay is an internet auction site where people put an item online and it is bid on by people from all over the world.

Jim has a “power seller” status as an online auction dealer, with a 100 percent positive feedback rating, which gives customers an excellent option of getting returns. Along with auctioning items, A2B also will pack and ship the items that are sold.

“Our point is to make things quick and easy for them so they can concentrate on selling more,” Jim said.

A2B does not take a commission on items sold on eBay; instead it uses a flat rate which is charged, giving the customers the potential to make as much money as possible on the transaction.

“I don’t take commission, so the seller has the potential to make more money,” Jim said.

A2B also sells beaded jewelry and crafts under the name of Bijou, which means jewel in French. The jewelry and crafts are made by Tamra, and can be purchased at A2B’s warehouse.

“It has been fun,” Tamra said.

To go along with the products A2B provides, they also provide a community service by allowing certain clean recyclables to be dropped off at the warehouse.

The recyclables that are typically dropped off at the shop are ones that are not picked up on the curb, such as rechargeables, watch batteries, TVs, and florescent tubes.

“We have to charge the fees on the tubes and some electronics that we will pay at the recycling facility, but we don’t make a penny on it. We’re glad to properly dispose of them for people to help to keep mercury and PCBs out of our air and water,” Jim said.

A2B Pack and Ship is open Mondays through Fridays, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturdays 9 a.m. to noon.

For more information stop in at A2B, located at 903 Babcock Blvd. East, right behind Antiques at the east end of Delano, or call at (763) 972-1004.

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