HJ/EDEnterprise Dispatch, Feb. 20, 2006

Decorative construction business to open in Dassel

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Downtown Dassel will be gaining a new business on Atlantic Avenue beginning in March.

Rock ‘N’ Stone, owned by Steve Borg of Cokato, will soon have a completed showroom of decorative concrete for homes, businesses and patios.

Borg has been a general contractor for six years but was looking for more.

“I wanted something to signature the homes I was building,” Borg said.

“So after some investigating, I chose to become involved in the decorative concrete industry,” he explained.

Borg is the main distributor for DuraLite Rock products in the state of Minnesota.

DuraLite Rock manufactures landscaping rocks, cover rocks for wells and septic pipes, water features, name rocks, and barbecue and outdoor kitchens.

The company has just recently come out with concrete and block panels for decorative construction and landscaping.

“This is a new product that will compete with the stone siding industry,” Borg said.

It’s a lightweight, durable, synthetic rock paneling used in decorative construction.

DuraLite Rock has been in business for 30 years. A contractor can put up 1,000 square feet a day of the concrete rock panels whereas a mason could only do 100 to 150 square feet per day of concrete. Any general tradesman or carpenter can install it.

He is able to construct rock-like products such as cobblestone sidewalks and driveways, counter tops, chimneys, mantels, pools, patios, and spas out of concrete.

Borg has been remodeling the old chiropractor’s office with the help of Palo Plumbing, D and J Drywall, Lite Electric, Robar Installation, Narducci Drywall and Borg Construction.

To contact Steve Borg about DuraLite products call (888) 684-0086. For more information on DuraLite Rock products check out its web site www.duraliterock.com.

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