HJ/EDApril 10, 2006

Codger's Cove campground progressing in HL

By Lynda Jensen

Several additional improvements are in the works for Codger’s Cove Campgrounds, formerly the old Breezy Point resort, as the Howard Lake council approved an amended conditional use permit for the project Tuesday.

Bruce Nedegaard attended the meeting seeking approval for the following:

• a swimming pool that will measure 20 by 40 feet. It may be built this year, but if not, then the following year, Nedegaard said.

• a fish cleaning house to be located near the boat landing,

• a maintenance shed on the northwest corner of the site,

• an additional parking area for boats and trailers in the southwest corner of the campground,

• a playground area, and

• a decorative lighthouse, which that will be 15’ 9” high, with a circumference of about seven feet.

Meanwhile, crews have been working steadily on the project.

“I was quite impressed,” commented Council Member Shelly Reddemann. “Everything looks great.”

The council approved the amended permit.

Administrator Kelly Hinnenkamp noted that Nedegaard will be required to seek building permits and the like when the project gets further along.

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