Sept. 18, 2006

Nathan Dalbec close to earning Eagle Scout status

By Cullen Schultz
Staff Writer

Nathan Dalbec, a 16-year-old junior at Delano High School, is working to become an Eagle Scout.

Dalbec is the son of Terry and Brenda of Delano, and is currently working to install new benches at the library in Delano.

Dalbec has been in the scouts for as long as he can remember.

He started in Boy Scouts when he was in first grade, and, like other scouts, has advanced beyond Boy Scouts. He moved up to Tenderfoot, then Second Class, First Class, Star, and finally to the level he is at now, Life.

The Life Scout is the highest level a scout can reach besides an Eagle.

Dalbec got the idea to put new benches in the library from his scoutmaster, who was at a city council meeting when the council decided it did not have enough money to do the project.

Dalbec went to work, acquiring funding from Crow River Bank and the Delano Jaycees, which both donated $200. The city council matched the money Dalbec raised with funds dedicated to the library, which now gives the library $800 for a new look.

Dalbec is currently working with the city council to order the benches. He hopes to have the benches soon, and start working on the library as soon as possible.

This is not the first time Dalbec has been volunteering in the Delano community. He and his troop have been doing landscaping for park sites, and also have a mile stretch of Highway 12 they cleanup.

Throughout his experience in the scouts, Dalbec has earned 24 merit badges. Asked which badge was the toughest to earn, he responded, “I would have to say Citizenship in the World.”

For Dalbec to earn the badge, he had to attend regular seminars about government, go to the state capitol, study local and national government, and write various papers on government.

His favorite activity in the scouts has been going to Many Point Scout Camp.

They go every other year and meet troops from all over Minnesota. Some of the activities the scouts do include swimming, hiking, and Dalbec’s personal favorite, volleyball.

When Dalbec completes the library project, he will still have some work to do before becoming an Eagle Scout.

He still has to get his Family Life Merit Badge. To earn the badge, he must organize a family activity, talk with people on the role of families, and catalog his findings.

He also must send in his paper work, and have a board review from his troop. The paper work and review are to make sure the scout is qualified to become an Eagle Scout.

Eagle Scouts are held in higher regard, because a scout cannot reach the level of Eagle beyond his eighteenth birthday. With the timetable, it does take a lot of work for a scout to achieve the Eagle status.

Therefore, Eagle Scouts tend to stay active in the community, and continue to be involved in the scouts.

“I would continue to help the troop, probably by being an adult leader.” Dalbec said of becoming an eagle. Adult leaders supervise younger scouts and lead them in activities.

Asked what has been his toughest challenge in the scouts, Dalbec responded, “Just staying with it while other activities are going, making time.”

Dalbec is also a member of the high school baseball team and National Honor Society, and in the summer he also plays baseball.

Dalbec is close to becoming an Eagle Scout, with the library project he will become one step closer. Dalbec has had help along the way, his two scoutmasters, Bert Barber and Mark Davis, have been good role models for him.

“They pushed me to keep going and see it through.” Dalbec said.

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