Sept. 25, 2006

Winsted's DiMax enjoys rapid growth

By Jennifer Gallus
Staff Writer

DiMax Corporation, locally based in Winsted, is growing more than 30 percent per year, and is currently constructing a new plant in the Winsted Industrial Park that will increase its capacity by 50 percent.

DiMax is a manufacturer of nonmetallic die-cut parts such as gaskets, seals, pads, cushions, and structural supports.

Jim Hasselman, who is one of the owners, and president of the company, described that materials typically used are foam, plastic, rubber, fiber, felt, and adhesives to bond some of the parts together.

Depending on the type and size of material used, Hasselman explained that the company utilizes a variety of machines to slit, rout, cut, and bond the materials.

The company does not offer an end product, instead they sell their parts and assemblies to original equipment manufacturers that make an end product.

With that in mind, the company services a wide range of original equipment manufacturers for applications such as outdoor equipment, agricultural equipment, medical industry, and electrical/electronic industry.

For example, DiMax produces an inner support for neck braces, and door gaskets for RVs. The list of parts for numerous applications is long and comprehensive.

Companies seeking die-cut parts from DiMax bring their design and specifications to the company.

Hasselman explained that the company is very responsive to customer’s needs, has a rapid turnaround, and is very strong technically. DiMax is not a design shop, rather, Hasselman emphasized, “We help customers select the best materials for their application, and sometimes work with customer’s engineers to improve the form, fit, and function of the end product.”

An extensive computer system that controls almost every aspect of the rapidly growing company is said to be a large contributor to its success. In fact, the company is “almost paperless,” Hasselman said.

DiMax was started only six years ago, and already has all systems and procedures in place in order to seek ISO 9000 certification in the near future.

Hasselman explained that, “There is a wealth of creativity, application knowledge, and manufacturing expertise that go into helping customers compete in a world market.”

This specialty knowledge is one more reason the company is expanding its customer base.

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