HJ/EDApril 10, 2006

HT student in Twin Cities play 'Cinder Edna'

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

One talented Holy Trinity student will soon be hitting the stage for the upcoming play Cinder Edna, which will be performed in the Twin Cities.

Todd Boger, 16, of Cokato has always loved acting and fantasizing, even as a toddler, and now, he will be performing on one of the largest stages in Minnesota.

Stages Theatre Company and Hopkins Center for Community Arts will be performing a new rendition of Cinderella, and Todd will be performing in the play.

Boger has had a passion for acting since a young age, and throughout the years, he’s been able to develop that passion.

“He’d watch a movie like Peter Pan and have every line memorized,” said Todd’s mother, Barb.

Todd would have theme birthday parties. For example, one year, he loved the movie and play, “Camelot,” so his birthday was filled with knights and maidens.

“He’s always been fantasizing,” his mother said “When he was four he would wear his costumes out in public.”

In fact, Todd even performed Peter Pan at the Paramount Theatre when he was 10 years old.

That was his favorite. He got to work with more experienced actors ,and, “The set was amazing, people actually flew,” Todd said.

Since his parents had to drive him to practices and performances, they would partake, as well.

But now Todd is on his own, and he wants to learn all there is to know about theater.

This summer, his father, Paul Boger, is taking him to New York to meet his fraternity friend and actor, Frankie Faison, who will take Todd on the set of his new HBO movie.

During that time, he will also be able to explore the scope of Broadway theatres.

“I’ll be able to get a better outlook on professional theatre and acting,” he said.

Todd’s parents are thrilled for him and his talents.

“It’s fun to see him develop and grow and work so hard at it,” Barb said.

Todd has a family support system. When he was young, his aunt, Joan, told his parents that sports weren’t everything and to let him follow his dream. “We can’t hold him back,” Barb said.

Todd has performed in several plays including “Peter Pan,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” and the “Importance of Being Ernest,” just to name a few.

He also attends Stages Theatre Acting Conservatory School two days a week to enhance his acting skills.

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