Dec. 11 , 2006

Film produced by Delano group earns national recognition

By Kelsey Linden
Staff Writer

Working in the film business is hard, but Delano High School senior Aaron Bingea puts his talent before his chances as he strives to become a film producer in the future.

Film-making caught Bingea’s eye his sophomore year when he began taking film classes with Barbara Roy and Gwen Briesemeister.

The classes gave him a chance to experiment with the standard video camera and eventually led him to begin working with lights and microphones. Like the professionals, Bingea films his work from several angles.

This past year, Bingea worked alongside Benjamin Zeug, Colton Smith, and Joseph Crook. Together, they created a documentary on the aspirations of an Orono graduate, Vanessa Kemna.

Born blind, Kemna never let her disability get the best of her. Being considered a world class swimmer, she swims at the Impaired Olympics.

Crook knew Kemna through family relations. As a group, Bingea, Zeug, Smith, and Crook combined their ideas and began filming together. Bingea and Zeug edited the film.

The documentary was titled “Blind Ambitions.” Out of all the films submitted to a competition worldwide, “Blind Ambitions” received an award for being the most inspirational film this past July.

When asked about the highlights of film-producing, he replied, “The final product – that’s what it’s all about.”

Zeug agreed, “It was a great experience because we all really worked well from the start and everything seemed to flow together.”

When asked about the overall teamwork, Crook responded, “I think we all calibrated well. We all had our own ideas and we all brought them to the table and through our diversity, we came up with some pretty groovy ideas, but Aaron Bingea was pretty much our leader.”

“It’s a passion of mine,” Bingea said.

As of right now, Bingea considers film-producing as more of a hobby, but hopes to further his knowledge by producing more films that will take him to a future career.

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