Oct. 9, 2006

Delano purchases home on floodplain

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

The City of Delano entered into a purchase agreement with Roy and Lucille Larson for their home at 122 Babcock Blvd. as a part of the floodplain mitigation program at Tuesday evening’s city council meeting.

The Larsons’ property is the third parcel south of the railroad tracks on the east side of Highway 12. They notified the city of their intent to sell in early August.

Because they were located in the project area, city staff asked for an appraisal of the property to be done.

The property was appraised at $126,000, which was presented to the Larsons, who agreed to sell their property at the appraised amount to the city. One condition of the sale would be that the city provides some relocation funds to cover the expenses of a moving company.

The Larsons’ property is one of eight included in the relocation program for which the city solicited funding, it was noted. The council agreed to the purchase agreement, and also allowed up to $3,000 for moving expenses.

After discussing the property purchase, the council talked about doing controlled burns on properties located at 121 River St. and 125 River St. N.

Fire Chief Bob Van Lith noted there are several trees located on these properties, and asked the council members if they wished the trees to be cut down and removed before the controlled burns, or let the burns take down the trees.

“There’s no way we can save them?” asked Council Member Holly Schrupp.

Van Lith noted that the redevelopment plan doesn’t show trees in that area in the future. He added that many times, when trees are close to buildings that are burned, they don’t survive for an extended period of time.

“If you can save it, do it,” Council Member Joe McDonald said. “It costs no more money to cut it down at a later date.”

“I say get rid of it now so it’s done,” said Council Member Mary Emery.

Mayor Jon Steinmetz said it would be nice to save the trees, but it might help to remove them in order to help stabilize the bank of the river for future plans.

The council voted to have the soft maple trees removed, with McDonald voting against the motion.

Odds and ends

In other business, the council:

• approved a 3.2 beer license for the Delano Catholic Community’s Fall Festival Oct. 7 and 8.

• approved a bid from Metro Contracting for the Central Park water main at a cost of $13,890. It was noted this is the next step in finishing the Central Park ballfields.

• discussed a proposed “splashpad” water park, which would consist of a surfaced play area in the park with a variety of sprinklers, geysers, and other water spraying devices. The water is treated much like a swimming pool, and users are allowed to play amidst the different features in the park.

The council gave the go-ahead to US Aquatics to begin developing a concept plan for the park. Funding for this project would come from the city’s municipal liquor enterprise fund.

• agreed to spend about $9,000 to update self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs) for the Delano Fire Department, at the request of the department.

• approved a payment application for $302,790 to Copeland Building Corporation for the Rivertown Project, for satisfactory work completed.

• approved an extension to the purchase agreement with Michael McDermott for the city-owned property at 708 Elm Ave. until Dec. 31, with March 31, 2007 as a “no later than” closing date.

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