Oct. 9, 2006

64-year old mystery uncovered in LP

By Ivan Raconteur
Staff Writer

World War II was in full swing in May 1942, when a gate assembly was donated to the City of Lester Prairie by the Ray Fitzpatrick American Legion Post 463.

More than 64 years later, Lester Prairie Park Board Member Larry Roth was out with his children when he ran across one of the posts from the assembly. It was laying on the ground in the woods, nearly obscured by weeds.

Roth contacted fellow park board member Troy Feltmann, and the two went back and took a better look.

It was clear that it had been a gate post, and it was clear when it was donated to the city.

What was not clear, was where it had been installed, and how it came to be laying in the weeds some 60 years later.

Feltmann began asking around, and found some people who thought they knew where it had been, but did not find any clear answers.

Some were sure the gate had been a part of the old baseball field.

Others thought there had been a gate near the old bandstand at one time.

As a park board member, Feltmann said he would like to see the post cleaned up and used somewhere in the park.

He would also like to know more about it.

What did it look like when it was new? Where was it located?

Feltmann would like anyone who has any photos or memories about the post, or about the old baseball park, to contact him at (320) 395-4162.

He said he would appreciate any information people can contribute to help solve the mystery of the abandoned gate.

Feltmann also said that information collected might be used by the Lester Prairie Youth Baseball/Softball Association to put together a book covering the history of baseball in the city.

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