HJ/EDJune 5, 2006

Some parents upset over Bible distribution

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Mixed feelings were met Tuesday as DC Middle School students were coming home from school with Bibles.

Gideons International was given permission by Middle School Principal Jeff Powers.

In the past, Gideons have had permission, but in the future they will not, Powers stated after he had recievd calls from both angry and satisfied parents about the incident.

According to Policy 904: Distribution of Materials on School District Property by Non School Persons, it states, “The purpose of this policy is to provide for distribution of materials appropriate to the school setting by non-staff and non-students on school property in a reasonable time, place, and manner which does not disrupt the educational program nor interfere with the educational objectives of the school district.”

The policy defines examples of materials being but not limited to leaflets, brochures, buttons, badges, flyers, petitions, posters, underground newspapers whether written by students, employees or others, and tangible objects.

Nowhere in the policy does it exclude religious materials except in the terms that materials cannot “constitute insulting or fighting words, the very expression of which injures or harasses other people (e.g., threats of violence, defamation of character or of a person’s race, religious or ethnic origin.”

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