HJ/EDApril 10, 2006

Goals for Dassel in 2006 and beyond

By Roz Kohls
Staff Writer

Street construction from William Avenue on Fifth Street to Centennial Avenue, and possibly a new water tower, are goals set for the City of Dassel.

The city council conducted work sessions Feb. 7 and March 20 to set goals for city operations during 2006 and beyond.

The city also will be watching for a new location for the fire station and explore installing a skate park at Breed’s Park, according to the notes from the sessions.

The goals also include:

• New city infrastructure projects will have requests for proposals to provide engineering services.

• Crosswalk safety will be a priority. Enforcement will revolve around what is currently in place for signs and crosswalk delineation.

• Mayor-to-mayor contact should be made, one of the goals being discussion regarding a shared police department.

• Mayor and administrator meetings scheduled with Cokato on a quarterly basis for discussion of potential sharing and common goals.

• Creation of a record keeping system which creates a specific property file referenced by address for each parcel in the city.

• Successful completion of the radio read water meter system.

• Formalization of an equipment acquisition and improvement plan.

• Negotiation with Meeker County Transit, expansion of service in Dassel.

• Revisit city street address numbering for a reasonable solution into the future.

• Dassel baseball field facility will be organized to operate under agreements with groups wishing to conduct activities there.

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