Oct. 2, 2006

Plans updated for new HLWW School

By Jennifer Gallus
Staff Writer

A new Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted High School is getting closer to reality now that the district has recently received the latest version of plans, and is seeking bids as of Oct. 1.

The updated plans show a “flip-flop” of the classroom and the gymnasium areas, as compared to the last version of plans. “The basic structure has not changed,” district superintendent George Ladd said.

Ladd explained that some decisions were made based on soil-boring results to maximize present and future land use. The flip flop allowed for a better land-use plan.

The updated plans are not expected to change from now on. Ladd reported that any major tweaking of the plans is complete.

The process of building a school takes some time, said Ladd, because a lot of government entities are involved in the early stages.

Because the new school’s property is outside of city limits, the project is a little more challenging.

For example, just to annex the school campus into the city, several steps had to be taken, as described by City Administrator Kelly Hinnenkamp.

In short, Hinnenkamp explains, that because the new HLWW high school site is located in Victor Township, outside of the city limits, the school had to petition the city to get annexed.

Following the amendment to the township and city orderly annexation agreement, the city council approved the annexation, says Hinnenkamp, and then the city filed with the state.

After the state reviewed and approved the proposal, as they just did on Sept. 19, reported Hinnenkamp, the annexation becomes official, and the city now has jurisdiction over the plans.

Upon official annexation, the school applies to the city for its plat approval, rezoning, site plan approval, land use amendment, and conditional use permit, explained Hinnenkamp.

Hinnenkamp continues that, after all planning and zoning approvals, which will be reviewed in October by the planning commission and city council, the school can apply for a building permit with the city, and then break ground.

School district residents can expect to receive occasional updates on the construction through the Laker newsletter.


The school will seek bids beginning Oct. 1.

Bid opening will be at 2 p.m., Oct. 19.

Ground breaking for the new HLWW High School is yet to be determined, but is expected to take place sometime in November, 2006.

Construction of the new high school is scheduled to begin in November 2006, and is expected to last until December 2007.

The occupancy goal is aimed at the end of December 2007.

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