HJ/EDJuly 24, 2006

An infusion of faith, youth and music

By Lynda Jensen

Contemporary music is one of many components in a new Howard Lake Christian fellowship group which meets every other Thursday at the Howard Lake Christian Church.

“It’s a group for the youth, by the youth,” said Jeremiah Lideen, 22, who formed the fellowship with friends Beau Birkholz, 22, of Howard Lake, and Josh Keating, 21, of Winsted.

The group is designed to be a nondenominational fellowship time where young Christians can encourage each other, he said. The atmosphere is supposed to be nonjudgemental and a place where young people can affirm one another, he said.

“It’s not about theocracy,” Birkholz commented. “It’s just youth getting together to worship.”

The group doesn’t focus on doctrinal differences, but rather on common Christian faith that can be freely expressed and shared, he said.

The program is meant to revive stagnant Christians and develop passionate followers, to give a place to nourish those alive in Christ and develop in them a deeper knowledge of Christ, Birkholz said.

“It doesn’t take the place of Sunday service,” Keating noted.

Dennis Entinger, who is the worship pastor for Howard Lake Christian Church, is available at the program as well.

Lideen and Keating came up with the idea on their way back from a Christian event in Florida during spring break.

The program begins with worship music from a Christian band, followed by a speaker, Lideen said.

Lideen and Birkholz are 2002 graduates of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, and Keating is a 2003 graduate of Holy Trinity.

Lideen is a student at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, where he is pursuing youth and family ministry, Birkholz graduated from Augsburg this year with a degree in management, joining the Army National Guard in 2004. He expects to depart to Fort Lewis in the near future. Keating is pursuing civil engineering at South Dakota State University.

Fellowship every other Thursday

The program will meet this week from 7 to 8 p.m. Thursday, July 27 at the Christian Church, and then again Thursday, Aug. 10 at the same time. This will be the last meeting for the summer.

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