HJ/EDEnterprise Dispatch, Feb. 27, 2006

First DC group leaves for Katrina relief

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

The first wave of volunteers departed Friday, Feb. 24 for the hurricane relief effort in Mississippi, but more volunteers are needed for the trips ahead.

“We are still in need of volunteers and financial support. Any donation big or small would be greatly appreciated,” commented project coordinator Al Nagel.

Four separate trips will be leaving from Holt Tour and Charter during the next month in an effort to help the hurricane-devastated community of Waveland, Miss.

“There is still so much left to be done down there,” commented Nagel.

Nagel headed off the project after the first mission trip last December in which the community response was great.

Both he and Wayne Murphy have been coordinating the project including informing the public, getting volunteers, and planning details for the trip.

Although the first wave included almost 30 volunteers, the upcoming waves are in need of more.

Each volunteer is asked to pay $250 for the cost of food and transportation. Murphy assured there would be fundraising to help those in need who want to come but can’t afford it.

“If people can’t go physically, they could donate to allow someone else to go,” Murphy said.

The first wave left Friday and will return Sunday, March 5.

The second wave leaves Friday, March 3 and returns Sunday, March 12.

The third wave leaves Friday, March 10 and will return Sunday, March 19.

The last wave will leave Friday, March 17 and is set to return Sunday, March 26.

Holt Tour and Charter donated a portion of the coach buses and Nagel and Jim Kirkpatrick brought both of their RVs for the volunteers to use while there.

Last week, Nagel was busy coordiating the last minute details includeing background checks of each of the volunteers.

For information on how to volunteer or to become a sponsor, check out their web site at www.mnkatrinarelief.com or contact Holt Tour and Charter (320) 286-5315.

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