HJ/EDJune 12, 2006

KT Contracting has new name

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Ken Tormanen of Dassel has been self-employed for more than seven years, but recently his contracting company got a new name, KT Contracting.

KT Contracting builds homes throughout the community and around Central Minnesota.

Currently, KT Contracting is installing concrete walls on Lyle and Janice Seversons’ future home on Spring Lake in Dassel.

The Seversons chose this type the concrete frame instead of wood because of the moisture and rotting factor that comes with stick frames, according to Lyle Severson.

What’s unique to this company is its use of ARXX concrete walls and foundation.

After trying nine different brands of insulated concrete forms, Tormanen believes he’s found a trustworthy product.

“It’s stronger, safer and more user friendly than the others,” Tormanen said.

This type of foundation and walls is becoming more and more popular due to high energy costs and because of its energy efficiency.

A typical 2x6 framed wall with bat insulation gets an R-value or rating of heat loss, of 19; an ARXX 8 inch wall gets an R-value of 50. This shows a difference of an R-value of 30.

“This is phenomenal when it comes to rating heat loss,” he said.

This is where the energy savings comes in, Tormanen said.

Also, homeowners’ insurance will give a discount for homes that have concrete walls.

“Homes don’t have a moisture problem as [they would] with wood frames, and the walls are safer because they are stronger,” he said.

Tormanen has had 16 years of experience in construction all over the United States.

Along with installing cement walls, KT Contracting also provides finished carpentry, custom tile work, cement board siding, and half-log cabins.

To learn more about insulating concrete forms, check out the ARXX web site, www.arxxwalls.com or call Ken Tormanen at (612) 509-3904.

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