Sept. 18, 2006

Committee to promote DC school levy

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

A Dassel-Cokato levy committee has been formed to educate and gain support from district voters for the levy referendum this fall.

Organized by Susan James and Ginger Keskey, the levy committee, “Every Kid Counts,”— a continuation of the 1999 levy referendum that was passed, was formed to educate voters about the upcoming levy.

“We encourage everyone to vote,” James said, “and continue to keep the tradition of quality education in our schools.”

The committee’s goal is to help the voters understand where the money will be going and why it is needed in the district, according to James.

For example, smaller class sizes and more class offerings, like family and consumer sciences, would be possible with the passing of the levy referendum.

She explained that the state pays only a portion of what is needed to run a school district.

“The rest is up to us to pay, beyond what the state pays, to receive the quality education we’ve come to expect from DC,” James said.

“This is a continuation of the 1999 levy . . . the need has never gone away,” she continued.

James, herself, had been against the levy, but after learning about the district’s needs and how her children would be affected, she reconsidered her vote, she explained.

The levy committee has attracted teachers, administration, parents, and PTA members, and is looking for more volunteers and donations to join the campaign.

“We would like more volunteers to help get the word out,” James said.

The levy committee also has a working web site for more information concerning the levy, as well as the district web site, www.dclevy.com or www.dc.k12.mn.us.

So far, the committee has raised approximately $2,500, including $1,000 from the Dassel-Cokato Education Association and a contribution from the PTA for lawn signs and table tents for distribution throughout the community.

Currently, 100 buttons have been made and distributed to teachers, administration, school board, committee members, and to the public during Red Rooster Days that read, “I support the DC Levy. It’s about learning. Ask me why.”

Additional buttons and stickers are in the works for public distribution at various school events.

Superintendent Jeff Powers is scheduled to speak to 19 groups around the community educating the public of the need for the passing of the levy.

If anyone is interested in having Powers speak about the upcoming levy, they are asked to call him at the district office, (320) 286-4100.

Donations for the levy committee can be sent to Susan James at 440 North Broadway Avenue, Cokato 55321 with checks payable to: Every Kid Counts.

There is a video presentation about what the levy means to the community available for viewing by contacting Susan James at (320) 286-5030.

The DC levy committee meets every Tuesday at The Grounds conference room in Cokato at 6:30 p.m.

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