Sept. 11, 2006

Dump truck snags power line in Dassel

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

The City of Dassel was out of power for approximately an hour and a half as Xcel Energy worked to reroute power after a dump truck took down power lines around 8:45 a.m. Wednesday.

Derek Hedbury 25, was driving a tandem gravel dump truck along Fourth Street and Simons Avenue in Dassel.

He had dumped a load of dirt one block away and failed to lower the box of the truck.

The box snagged the telephone line and damaged multiple power poles and cable lines, according to the report.

Hedbury told officials he wasn’t used to driving the truck, according to Richard Neitz, dispatcher for the Minnesota State Patrol.

The driver remained in the vehicle until power was rerouted and was unharmed.

Businesses down without power

The majority of Dassel was out of power for a part of the morning Wednesday, but most local restaurants and businesses got by.

Hojies Grill and Smokehouse weren’t affected too much since their stoves and ovens run off of gas. They also had enough coffee made in the mean time, according to Craig Hagen of Hojies.

Gary’s Family Foods however, had to shut down and they covered all their freezer cases.

“There’s nothing we can do . . . just close the doors and stop working,” said owner Gary Stanley.

American Time and Signal sent 40 of their production staff home that morning, according to Paul Ruegemer, accounting manager.

The company was told at the scene it would be 1 or 2 p.m. before the power came back on, according to Ruegemer.

Ron’s BP Amoco didn’t take it that hard and instead enjoyed the time off.

“We played cards,” said owner Ron Rauschendorfer.

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