HJ/EDHerald Journal, Jan. 9, 2006

Makeover nearly finished for Howard Lake Liquor Store

By Lynda Jensen

The grand reopening of the Howard Lake liquor store in the remodeled city hall building highlighted the Howard Lake council meeting Tuesday.

Although a few items were left for spring – including some masonry work, a patio door to the deck, and a replacement for the southwest entry – most of the remodeling is done, and the council has received favorable comments about the updates.

Council Member Shelly Reddemann noted that a window frame got broken during the course of its installation which will be repaired.

There is also an overhang at the bar area that is also scheduled to be installed.

The southwest entry generated a great deal of discussion, since the council belatedly found out that it must satisfy requirements from the Minnesota Historical Society to replace the door.

Previously, the council wished to use a less expensive door made of material other than wood. Wood doesn’t seal as well and won’t hold up very well, Administrator Kelly Hinnenkamp said. The council can use alternative material that is painted or made to look like wood, she noted.

“It can be half glass, but not tinted, because they didn’t have tinted glass back then,” Hinnenkamp said.

Council members were less than enthusiastic about the requirements.

“I don’t know what the beef is on this,” commented Mayor Terry Ostgulen.

If the council doesn’t fulfill the historical society requirements, it could lose future funding in the form of grants, and might have to pay back grants already received.

There may be extra money left in the fund balance for the project, it was also noted. Council Member Jan Gilmer asked where any extra money may go.

Clerk/Treasurer Gene Gilbert was doubtful that extra money would materialize because the liquor store had been closed to accommodate the work recently. “It will be close,” she said.

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